Thank you for being the support our CASA kids need to heal and flourish

You have our deepest gratitude for choosing to support Piedmont CASA in this most difficult time. Your vision helped ensure that 242 girls and boys had the trauma-informed advocacy and mentoring of Piedmont CASA Volunteers and Bridges to Success Coaches. By helping our kids heal and flourish, you are supporting our entire community. Thank you.


$50,000 +
Department of Criminal Justice Services
Victims of Crime Act
Victims of Crime Act New Initiatives

$25,000 - $49,999
Anonymous (1)
Oakwood Foundation Charitable Trust

$15,000 - $24,999
Batten Family Fund in CACF
Mary and Mike Chinn
Elmo Foundation
Lewis G. Schaeneman, Jr. Foundation
Sarah and Gray McLean

$10,000 - $14,999
Julie Christopher and Marge Connelly
City of Charlottesville
Mason Fogg
I. J. and Hilda M. Breeden Foundation
J & E Berkley Foundation
Philip G. Wendel

$5,000 - $9,999
Carolyn and Bill Achenbach
Anonymous (1)
Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band in CACF
Brookfield Bocock Fund in CACF
Steve and Mary Anne Burns
Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign
County of Albemarle
Dreamer Fund in CACF
E. C. Wareheim Foundation
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Erin Fletcher Hall
Tony and Lara Ignaczak
Inez Duff Bishop Charitable Trust
Anne and Thad Jones
Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation
Charlotte Rea
The Rimora Foundation
S&P Global Foundation
Karen and Greg Wells
Whitney and Anne Stone Foundation
Frank and Jennifer Winslow

$2,500 - $4,999
Bank of the James
Charles and Joan Hermanowski
Family Foundation, Inc.
Paul Huddleston and Dori Boudreau
L.E.A.W. Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lewis IV
Michael and Alicia Milligan
The Paramount Theater
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Poe
The Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville
Catherine J. Rotolo
Marty and Bob Sayler
Thomas C. and Mary Ann Hays Family Charitable Trust
VDOT - Culpeper
Virginia National Bank

$1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous (2)
The Arnold F. Baggins Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Charles W. Axten and Ms. Katherine Rhyne
Bankers Insurance, LLC
Better Living Foundation
Larry Blanford and Tamar Glaser
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Brewster
Thomas and Jena Bright
Rip & Millie Cathcart
Craig Builders
Claire Cronmiller
Sarah and Vic Dandridge
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence D. Daniels
E. R. Bane Trust - Michelle Foss
Edgewood Gardens and Design*
Stuart and John Ellis
Flora Pettit PC
Keith and Carole Frazee
Pamela French
Tarpley and Scott Gillespie
Great Eastern Management Company
Erik Greenbaum
Kate and Bill Hamilton
Robin M. Hanes Dana
Lightsey and Peter Harris
Heiner Family Fund in CACF
Bocock/Hitz Fund at CACF
Mary Huey and Karen Bjorn
Carol and Blake Hurt
Indaco Risk Advisors, Inc.
Jennifer Bryne Photography*
Nancy and Jamie Knorr
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Low
Sargent McGowan
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Morris
Lang and Latham Murray Charitable Fund
Jessica Nagle
Nina Ozbey
Paladin Media Group*
Kathryn B. and F. Troost Parker Fund at CACF
Ms. Lisa M. Plaxco
Quantitative Investment Management
Rathburn Family Foundation
Ruffledog Fund at Schwab
Charitable Kevin and Carolyn Schuyler
Stillfield Fund I at CACF
Peter and Jane-Ashley Skinner
George and Helen Snyder
Beth and Baird Snyder
Sean and Gineane Stalfort
The Standish Family Foundation
Lee and Stacy Stinchfield
John and Ruth Stone
Tanner-Chitwood Family Fund
WestWind Foundation

$500 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Allen
Anonymous (2)
Mr. Matthew C. Berry
Caplin Foundation
Jeanne and John Chamales
The Charles Fund
Sarah Cortes
Crutchfield Corporation*
John and Cindy Dent
Lauren Duncan
Anne and Gene Fife
Hampton & Everett PC
Brenda and Curtis Hathaway
Ron Ignotz*
Interpretive Simulations Inc.
William Izard
Junior League of Charlottesville*
Meredith Kalnite
The Kapp Family
Kappa Alpha Theta-Delta Chi*
Carolyn T. Kelly
Natalie and Peter Kilburn
Natalie and Peter Kilburn*
Megan M. LeBoutillier
Alicia Lenahan and Ronald Ignotz
Chris Little and Tori Goodloe
Diane and Howie Long
Jonathan McVity*
Michel Charitable Giving Fund
Daisy and David Moga
Karen Moran and Wistar Morris Family Fund at CACF
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Palmer III
Susan and Bobby Parmar
Quantitative Investment Management Fund in CACF
Morton and Josephine Roberts
Mr. Edward A. Saunders
Marty and Bob Sayler*
Benjamin Spencer
Mr. Samuel S. Stallard
Alfred B. Strickler, Jr.
Laura and Wayt Timberlake
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Vallar
Mrs. Ruth Wadlington
Paul Walker Watterson Foundation
Reg and Kathie Woods
Mr. Burt M. Wrolson

$100 - $499
AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
Alpha Corporation
C. P. Ancona
Anonymous (12)
Sally and Fletcher Askew
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Gordon Berne Lillian and Michael BeVier
Diane and Hank Bisgaier
Elizabeth Blankenship
Richard and Kathleen Bonnie
Mr. Lindsay Booher
Elizabeth Lancaster Breeden
Mr. Richard Brewer and Ms. Denise Lunsford
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brody
Ms. Katherine Brooks and Dr. George Beller
Nancy and Peter Brooks
Catherine and Tyler Brown
CES Consulting
George W. Carter
Carter Machinery Company, Inc.
Bob and Maria Chapel
James Chapman and Karen Kalsi Chapman
Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors
Colleen Chulis
Carol F. and Stephen Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clatterbuck II
Mr. H. William Coogan, Jr.
Carrie and Truitt Cooper
George Allayannis and Sarah Corcoran
Mr. Jon L. Craig
Elizabeth Cranmer
Curtis Contracting
Diane Dale and John Robertson
The Dammann Fund, Inc.
Virginia Daugherty
Davenport & Company
Susan W. Davenport & W. Edgar Spigle Fund at CACF
Mr. and Mrs. Frans de Jong
Mr. Joel DeNunzio
Anna Derewenda
Angel Lillard and Bill Detmer
Nancy F. Dettor
DG Marketing, LLC
DBA Dixon Challenge
Ms. Tamara W. Dias
Bob and Ineke Dickman
Norman Dill
Leslie B. Disharoon
Bill Dister and Candace Mason
Bill and Cassandra Dittmar
Sue Divine
Ms. Sue Donovan
Robert and Patsy Downer
Earl and Louise Dudley
Julia Spies Dunstan
Michael & Kimberly Durland
Chris and Linda Duska
E C Management Services of Georgia, Inc.
Peter Easter
Cathy L. Eberly
Lawrence Eicher
Travis Estes
Mr. and Mrs. David Eustis
Jim and Betsy Fernald
Rebecca Fischbeck
Robert and Joan Forrest
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Frost Montessori School
John and Patty Gazewood
Gearharts Fine Chocolates*
Grace Giras
Ms. Christy Grayson
Julia and Brock Green
Stasia Greenewalt
Charles and Marian Gross
Leanne Grove Warren and Nita Grupe
Heidi and Ned Gumble
Bradley H. and Meredith S. Gunter
Mr. Edgar J. Gunter, Jr.
Virginia and Harold Hallock
Peter and Lauretta Harbilas
Sheila C. Haughey, Esq.
Kedra and Bob Hauser
Gregory Hayden
Nancy J. Haynes
HDR, Inc.
Dr. Mark S. Quigg and Ms. Charlotta Helleberg
Michael Henke and Judy Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Christian E. Henningsen
Thomas J. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hogan
Holtzman Oil Corp.
Mrs. Sharon E. Horton
Jeanne & Albert Huber
Linda and Don Hunt
Lindsay Ideson
Lisa Inlow
Ivy Nursery
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Jennings
Mary E. Jensen
Anna Jesus
Carol Johnston
Diana Foster and Tom Jones
JW Data, LLC dba Aurelius Golf
Neal Kassell
James M. Kauffman
Sonnia and Bradley Kesser
Brooke and Brendan Kilfoil
Karen and Scott Knierim
Marika and Adam Koch
Robert Lamb
Linda Levin Lester
LexisNexis - Matthew Bender
Graham C. and Rachel M. Lilly
Peppy Linden
Louisa County Public Library*
John D. Lynch
Kevin Lynch
Pat Macionis
Mr. James P. MacMillan MAKCO Inc.
Thomas and Catherine Mancuso
Catherine I. and Gene McGahren
Dr. Joan McIlhenny
George and Mary Ellen McVey
Dan and Mary-Lewis Meador
Elizabeth Merrill
Derry Miller
Jenny and Joe Miller
John and Linda Monahan
Mr. Adam Moore
Alex and Kelly Moore
Andrew and Melody Morgan
Margaret Mucklo
Lindsey Munson
Marsha Musser
Jim and Willa Neale
Mr. Johnathan T. Newberry
Walker and Maggie Noland
Woody and Henry Oakey
Phyllis Olin
Anna Maria Park
Ms. Anna Parker
Robert and Jane Paxton
Paige Perriello and Neeral Shah
Jacquie and John Pickering
Susan and Jim Quisenberry
Judy Rasmussen
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Reedy
Renaissance Philanthropic Solutions Group
Rodney Rice
Geneva Richardson
Rivanna River Company*
Mildred W. Robinson
Nancy M. Roche
Rock Star Therapy LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rome
Dennis and Ann Rooker
George Rutherglen
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Sawyer
Mr. Stewart A. Searle
Select Specialty Products, Inc.
Jean Shepard
Anne and Ned Slaughter
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Smith
Jack and Joan Sorensen
Charles R. Souder
Jan and John Stalfort
Charles and Julie Stamm
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stinnette
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Stone, Jr.
Jack Stoner
Tom and Nancy Strassburg
Mr. and Mrs. William Streed
Mr. Robert E. Stroud
Betsy and Jay Swett
Drs. David and Rebecca Swett
Mr. and Mrs. WIlliam C. Terrell
TMS Supplies, Inc.
Ellen Tobias
Jane Tolleson
Jay and Anne Townsend
Louise Trudel
Tuel Jewelers, Inc.
Pamela Cipriano
United Way of South Hampton Roads
UVA Aquatics & Fitness Center*
Rod van Ausdall
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Vassalos
Andrea and Tonchie Vest
Virginia Lawnscapes, LLC
Bettina von Ghyczy
Wallace Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Weber
Mr. Edward J. Weld, Jr.
J. Page and Peggy W. Williams
Stirling Williamson
Tom and Jeanine Wolanski
Mr. and Mrs. A. DelGreco Wood
Elizabeth Woodard
Woolley Engineering
Kathy J. Yarmey
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Zazakos, Jr.

$1 - $99
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Alexander
AmazonSmile Foundation
Anonymous (4)
Bar-G Fitness
Josh and Alison Baumann
Katherine Beard
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bowen III
David Callaghan
Gerard Capone
Angela M. Davis and Doron Samuel-Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dulan
Jim Duncan
Mrs. Gerald W. Fauth, Jr.
Grand Home Furnishings Employees
Dr. and Mrs. William Hay
Susan Heartwell
Janet Herman and Jeffrey Sitler
Sheriff Eric Hess
Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton
Elizabeth M. Howard
Gary & Janie Hunter
Deborah Jackson Stephen and Meg Janucik
Ed and Audrey Lee
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Levine
Marian Limber
Magpie Knits*
Jack Marshall and Cri Kars-Marshall
Mary Martin and Peter Sevcik
Beverley B. McCoid
Ginger and Bob McKee
Michie Tavern*
Shirley Midyette
Jean U. Moffat
Richard and Sara Murray
Mr. Jon O. Nafziger
Atsuko Nakamoto
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Nesbit
Dan and Beth Nissen
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Normansell
Mr. Brent Percival
Dennis Proffitt
M. Kai Rady Mimi and Dick Riley
Bobbie Rolston
Joe and Pat Ronan
Marjory Ruderman
Susan and Paul Seehaver
Elena Speidel
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Tesoriere
United Way -Thomas Jefferson Area
Saundra Venn
Robert Walters and Janet Muse
Jean Wardell


Dan Alexander
     by Anonymous
Tom and Sharon Bibb
     by Harry and Andrea Meador
Bob and Francene Bossi
     by Rebecca Hockman
Rick Bowie
     by David and Delores Brush
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Chinn
     by Signature Family Wealth Advisors
Deborah and George Conway
     In care of those children less fortunate
     by Mr. Kyle Manley
Jon L. Craig
     by Dr. and Mrs. James W. Craig
Michelle Crow
     by Ms. Mary Anne Grant
Louise Dudley
     by Dr. Carola A. Tanna
Kate Faulconer
     by Macon Gunter
Ruth Geils
     by Melba Atkinson Cook
Monica Gibson
     by John Lanham
Kate Hamilton
     by Ms. Ann A. Wenneson
Linda C. Hunt
     by Anonymous
Rebecca Keese
     by Diane and Ted Hogshire
Georgina King
     by Dickie and Louise Tayloe
Oliver Kraft
     by Mr. Leonard R. Krasnow
Monica Markelz
     by Mac and Elsie Thompson
Anne Oelrich
     by Mr. and Mrs. David Welch
Alexandra Paradise
     by Louisa C. Barrett
Jennifer Pritchard
     by Tanya Loosenort
Kelly Robins
     by Dr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Robins
Dr. Seuss and Fred Rogers
     by Mr. Jim McVay
Jean Shepard
     by Margaret Ober


Emily Smith
     by The Michael and Beverly Smith Fund


Evelyn Berlin
     by Rebecca Berlin
Patrice Bolling
     by Harold and Marcia Langsam
Mesha Davis
     by Becky Minor

* In-kind gifts

We thank our many supporters for their generous gifts to Piedmont CASA. If an error or omission has occurred, we express our sincere regret and ask that it be brought to our attention. If you would like copies of Piedmont CASA's financial statements, please call the Office at 434-971-7515.


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