Piedmont CASA Volunteers
July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

16 to 20 Years

Lindsey Munson
Terry Petty

Photo: Terry Petty on day she won the first Ruth Stone Advocate of the Year award. 9/18/14. Lindsey Munson won the following year.

10 to 15 Years

Phillip Giaramita
Chuck Gross
Patricia Macionis
Monica Markelz
Virginia McKee
JoAnn Murphy (Osborn)
Mary Nafpaktitis
Janet Stack

Photo: PCASA Volunteer Chuck Gross dressed to play fireman via Skype with his CASA kid. Read and see more about our Volunteers and how they are keeping the lights on for CASA kids during the pandemic in our Spring Newsletter. Chuck won the 2016 Ruth Stone Advocate of the Year award.

6 to 9 Years

Bob Bossi
Diane Brownlee
Anne Marie Farrar
Kellie Gildersleeve
Grace Giras
Ellie Grinspun
Rebecca Keese
Steve Kennedy
Dibba McConnell
Becky Minor
Dianne Montgomery
Susan Quisenberry
Martha Redinger
Marjory Ruderman
Ruth Shea
Gerald Shea
Becky Soper
Paul Stephens
Paul Summers
Jean Wardell

Photo: Anne Marie Farrar, who won the 2018 Ruth Stone Advocate of the Year award.

3 to 5 Years

Amy Anderson
Bob Beard
Thomas Bright
Debra Bryant
Diana Burruss
Colleen Carew
Artaga Carey
Elaine Chapman
Diane Dale
William Dister
Addison Dufour (Walker)
Paula Dunsmore
Kate Faulconer
Kathy Floyd
Ann Fox
Michele Greep
Hal Kahn
Meredith Kalnite
Lou Lamb
Donna McCauley
Dan Meador 
Chris Poe
Emily Smith
Amy Stewart
Hatsy Vallar

Photo: CASA Volunteer Diana Burruss

Under 3 Years

Elizabeth Adams
Dan Alexander
Hannah Anderson
Clare Aukofer
Brittany Ayers
Adriana Benjamin
Jane Brennan
Patricia Castelli
Bonnie Collins
Abigael Collins
Jon Craig
Merrily Main D'Arpino
Howard Evergreen
Erika Fernandez-Lopez
Geoff Garner
Meredith Gillet
Robin Gordon
Mike Graf
Amanda Griffin
JoAlma Hall
Haley Hall
Patrick Healy
Britton Horne
Blair Hubbard
Cathy Jolly
Helen Kessler
Chelsea Kirk
Debra Knox 

Photo: CASA Volunteer Dan Alexander

Natalie Kohler
Marcia Langsam
Ellen Liebman
Nancy Mack
Carlos Marrone
Matthew "Scovie" Martin
Gail McDermott
Savannah Moix-Rogers
Paul Newland
Amy Nolasco
Victoria (Viki) Norton
Kaeleigh Olsen
Kristina Parker
Kathleen Quinn
Michael Richards
Helen Russell
Danielle Santiago
Lisa Schrader Targenski
Marjorie Sherburne
Chris Shultis
Wanda Shuster
Margaret "Maggie" Snoddy
Sarah Spangler
Taylor Stanley
Catherine "Katie Rae" Stevens
Kerri Taylor
Helen Wanner
Janet Whitmore Parker
Elyse Wood

Photo: CASA Volunteer Mike Graf at the 2019 Fall Induction Ceremony

Fall Training Graduates

Inducted December 3, 2019. Fourteen graduates of our Fall Training class were inducted by Judge Barredo. Front row: Gail McDermott, Erika Fernandez Lopez, Debra Knox, Megan Maloney, Matthew "Scovie" Martin, and Michael Richards. Back Row: Kaeleigh Olsen, Mike Graf, Hannah Anderson, Elyse Wood, Judge Barredo, Danielle Santiago, Bill Murray, and Kip Newland. Not shown: Nancy Mack. 

Spring Training Graduates

Inducted June 9, 2020. Spring Training began right after sheltering-in-place was implemented. The class soldiered through our first completely online course with patience and generosity. We missed getting a photo of their induction, so with apologies and gratitude, please welcome: 
-----Charles Beard
-----Doug Campbell
-----Ted Coates
-----Chris Kabbash
-----Kersti Kolu
-----Jenna Lipscomb
-----Cody Ramey

Summer Training Graduates

Inducted September 8, 2020. Ten graduates of our Summer Training class were inducted by Judge Barredo. This was our second Volunteer Training course that was completely online. Left to right beginning with the top row: President Alicia Lenahan and new CASA Volunteers Julie Gallaway and Stephanie Corpolongo (with young James). Second row: new CASA Volunteers Joyce Magness, Grace Shannon, Logan Foster and Almanita Graves, and CASA Office Director Susan Hoover. Third row: new CASA Volunteers Kelly Moore and Jack Bocock (who is also on the PCASA Board of Directors), Judge David Barredo, and Bridges Coach Leah Cole. Fourth row: new CASA Volunteer Fritz Hudson and CASA Supervisor Kati Naess. Not shown: Teddie Frock.

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