CASA Staff

Alicia L. Lenahan   President  (retired 12/1/20)
Randy Nolt   Program Director
Lexie Boris   Advancement Director

Cathy Eberly   CASA Supervisor 
Kati Naess   CASA Supervisor
Annie Izard   CASA Supervisor  (retired 7-15-20)
Sherri Rosser   CASA Supervisor
Alison Taravella   CASA Supervisor
Sue Hoover   Office Administrator 

Bridges to Success Staff

Leah Cole   Bridges Coach
Adam Crist   Bridges Coach
Gwen Jones   Bridges Coach 

Above left to right: Gwen Jones with one of her Bridges youth, Dom Vining; Leah Cole; Alicia Lenahan; Randy Nolt; Cathy Eberly; and Adam Crist. Photos of Alicia Lenahan and Randy Nolt courtesy of Jennifer Byrne Photography.

Above left: Sherri Rosser at the Louisa County Fall Harvest Festival. Top center: Annie Izard, Michi Burke (Friends of CASA), Kati Naess, and Lexie Boris. Top left: Alison Taravella (center) and Crystal Shin (Board of Directors). Bottom center: Leah Cole, Adam Crist, and Sue Hoover. Bottom right: Alicia Lenahan. The last three images were taken at the Poverty Simulation on Saturday, February  22.

For more images of the Poverty Simulation, click here

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