In fiscal year 2020, administration was kept at 15% of our budget so that 85% could be invested in our Program Services

Core Mission Support is Piedmont CASA's investment in key infrastructure - those areas upon which our mission depends: strong, strategic finance and accounting, progressive human resources, capable and responsive board governance, engaged development and fundraising. Program Services are all built around and supported by Core Mission Support.

No way around it, this has been a tough year

You can see it on the bottom line. The only reason we have not been forced to cut back on our programming is the foresight of our community. For decades, individual men and women as well as foundations, organizations, businesses, and houses of worship have helped to ensure that Piedmont CASA had a strong foundation - one that could weather the storms of 2020. 

Thanks to you, our Volunteers and Coaches have been able to maintain their high standards of advocacy and mentoring - and more. Their support has expanded to include helping our children and their families overcome many of the gauntlets this pandemic and its economic repercussions have thrown down. It's been trauma upon trauma - but your ongoing support ensures that when this is over, our kids will be in a stronger position to recover and thrive. 

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